Is your small food business bursting at the seams?

It’s a great problem to have! Whether you’re outgrowing your food truck or ready to move beyond Cottage Food operation, Shared Kitchens are your next step into growing your business.

Shared Kitchens Overview

Shared Kitchens are basically kitchen commissaries where multiple makers share equipment. It’s a low-cost and low-risk way to expand your food business.

Commissaries have commercial-grade cooking equipment allowing you to cook or bake in bulk. With extra prep space, you’ll save hours of time!

These operations can accommodate most food businesses from bakers, food trucks, ghost kitchens, specialty food producers, and nearly everything in between!

Cooks in these kitchens often share prep space and storage space in addition to the equipment. Cookware and utensils like knives and baking sheets are usually not provided.

Types of Shared Kitchens

  • Hourly Kitchens: Perfect for the minimal user and startups. Cooks sign up for a specific number of hours per month and book out kitchen space based on availability.
  • Dedicated Stations: Ready to ramp up your production? This kitchen might be best for you! Typically, you’re assigned a dedicated station with 24-hour access. Just book out equipment based on your needs and availability.
  • Renting Restaurant Kitchens: A clever option for restaurants that allow food businesses to operate out of their kitchens during off hours. Very often the space is rented to one producer at a time.
  • Non-Traditional Commercial Kitchens: Many schools and churches offer rented usage of their commercial kitchens. However, these kitchens may have limited types of equipment. But, they can be a great fit depending on the type of food business.

Choosing the Right Kitchen for You

  • Start Up: Starting a new concept or transitioning from a Cottage Food Operation? A great place to start is in an hourly kitchen. You’ll have the opportunity to practice on commercial equipment and adjust your recipes accordingly. Similarly, non-traditional commercial kitchens might also work for you.
  • Full-Time Producer: Are you fighting for space in your hourly kitchen? A dedicated station might be the best step for you! You’ll have your own food storage for cold and dry goods and the ability to cook any time. Alternatively, renting time in a restaurant kitchen might also meet your needs. However, this will depend on the type of food you are producing.

Have a great food idea that you’re ready to launch? Or, do you need more space for your growing business? Consider the various options for your shared kitchens. They are a low-cost and low-commitment way to improve your production.


PREP ATX is the largest commercial kitchen facility in Texas. With over 55,000 square feet of kitchen space, we offer a variety of private kitchens as well as dedicated stations in our shared kitchen.

Our mission is to support passionate food professionals as they bring their products and services to the world. PREP’s facilities, amenities and services will help you create something special and give you the opportunity to build your business in a robust community of food entrepreneurs.