Why You Need a Commissary Kitchen for Your Food Truck

Are things getting a little tight in your food truck? While you might not be ready for a truck upgrade or a restaurant, you could probably use some extra kitchen space! Learn why having a commercial kitchen for your food truck will help grow your business.

A home base for your food truck

Even the largest food trucks and trailers run out of precious space when you are prepping for the day. There are lots of advantages to partnering with a commercial kitchen to streamline your daily processes.

  • If you had more prep space, imagine how much more you could accomplish! Commercial kitchens also offer cooking equipment that can double or triple your batches in half the time.
  • A centralized food truck kitchen making food and other deliveries a breeze. With more storage, you can reduce the number of orders. Plus, buying items in bulk can help save money in the long run.
  • Many commercial kitchen partners offer on-site parking for your truck with gray water dumping and potable water refilling stations.

Create more opportunities

More space means more food, but working in a commercial kitchen can help you with other business opportunities!

  • Do you get a lot of requests for catering but don’t have space or time? With a food truck kitchen, you can start adding those offerings to your business and start making more money!
  • Do you have a special sauce or menu item that your fans rave about? Partnering with a commercial kitchen operator like PREP can provide you with guidance on how to get started on packaging your product.
  • Working in a commercial kitchen while expanding your business gets you one step closer to opening your own restaurant!

What kind of food truck kitchen for you need?

There are lots of options when it comes to sourcing the right kitchen partner for you.

  • Hourly Commissary Kitchens: Book a limited amount of hours per month for prepping food using commercial cooking equipment.
  • Shared Kitchen with Dedicated Station: All the commercial kitchen equipment access with 24/7 access. A dedicated station allows you to store what you need onsite.
  • Private Kitchen: When you really need space to spread out, investing in a larger kitchen allows you to grow your business with additional trucks, catering business, food product production, and more!

If you’ve been struggling with your growing food truck business because of a lack of prep space, it’s time to find a commercial food truck kitchen! With more kitchen space, you can not only work more efficiently but produce more business opportunities.